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This is the Team of Event Mode

imageConnie Hall, Principal / Certified Race Director

With over 25 years of management level experience designing and producing highly successful large events for the non-profit sector, Connie Hall now brings her trademark skills, her fluid innovation, and colorful creativity to the public and for-profit sector where she is erasing boundaries and setting new standards in marketing.  For over 18 years, Connie held the reins of the San Jacinto Valley's largest single day event, The Tinsel Triathlon (which she now owns), a reverse triathlon that brought in thousands of registrants, over 90% of whom were from out of the area. A key skill set that Connie brings to Event Mode is her flair for customer-based marketing which she uses to saturate and ignite the internet.  Exploding simultaneously onto many levels of the electronic marketplace not only grabs the public's attention, it focuses them on our events.  Since 1998, she's been creating business and community websites where her clients not only got  online but were also seen by their customers because of her astute use of search engine optimization (SEO). Connie readily embraced the advent of social media and quickly established it as another component of her marketing skill set. With her experience and her ability to drive a message, Connie Hall, creates, and can help you create an event and marketing strategy that will bring customers to your door. Connie is a member of Road Race Management, Triathlon Business International, and is a Certified Race Director thru the Road Runners Club of America.

imageBob Duistermars, Principal

As a business owner with a passion for his community, Bob approached his non-profit CEO with creativity and a tight focus on the success of the mission! His contagious entrepreneurial spirt and optimistic creativity helped him successfully address several critical community issues in new and innovative ways. It is this same entrepreneurial spirit has brought him to Event Mode. He manages people with a charismatic and empowering leadership style, he has developed and retains key corporate relationships, and he can pull partnerships together that will focus on operational success. Truly innovative entrepreneurs with successful track records are a valuable commodity and that's why Bob helped create Event Mode. Together, we have formed a team that is dedicated to the spirit of creating and sustaining community events that bring people together. Bob's mastery for public relations is what gets Event Mode in the door.

imageRonnie Toth, Marketeer/Social Provocateur

4X Ironman, with 110 Triathlons completed, Category 1 Pro Cyclist
Just Google him or check this out:(HERE)


imageDavid Hall, Aerial & Media Specialist

David started volunteering at a young age and loves the fast pace of high energy events.  His ability to manage any aspect of an event makes him a solid and respected member of the Event Mode team. Over the last few years, David has cultivated and honed a skill  that has taken our marketing to a much higher level, literally and figuratively.  David's new tool is the video drone and a variety of attachable digital cameras. With this new equipment, David's visual storytelling ability has  enhanced the “feel” of our marketing efforts.  Using his talent, we can offer breathtaking views of the venue as well as action packed portrayals of our competitors.  From set up to take down; from ticket management to high flying videography, David is one of our go to people that will help  make our events a resounding success. HERE is a piece of his drone work.

imageKayla Hall, Coordinator

Kayla Hall was also brought up through the structure of nonprofit event production. As she went from volunteer to paid staff she gained experience and was progressively given more responsibility.  She's been the principal manager for food truck festivals, half marathons and toy giveaways at Christmastime. Every effective team has that one person they count on to make sure all the details are both accurate and turned in on time!  Kayla is one of those people. Kayla is seasoned with the event planning process, she knows where to find resources and how to capture them for the event.  She's a strong part of the Event Mode team and one that our customers can count on.

imageKim McMahon, Logistical Specialist

Kim McMahon has been working with events for over 10 years, and she is one of those critical employees that can best be described in the genre of rough and tumble days of the 80s musical industry as a Roadie. She is a setup, takedown logistical specialist.  She knows the relationships between the different event areas and their importance/priority for the smooth operation of the event.  Kim has a “get in and get it done” attitude that is refreshing for the rest of the crew. No job goes unnoticed and no task is neglected. Recently Kim has been branching out and assisting with the gathering of information for event permits and approvals.  She shows the same commitment, tenacity, and attitude toward getting that work done quickly and correctly. Many times, when the participants are gone, and the trash has all been collected, we look around and we see Kim still attending to some race day detail that someone missed. With Kim on our team we know that we will be ready for the starting gun.

imageLaura Brock , Registration / Chief Money Taker

Registration is headed up by Laura Brock who has a long history working for the local Police Department.  Laura is a “no nonsense”; well organized person who will lead a staff of volunteers to make sure your registration experience is fast and efficient.  Laura has worked with us on many different events in the past and we look forward to working with her on many more in the future.  If you have a race day registration question, look for Laura Brock. 

imageMaurice Perkins, Security

Maurice Perkins, known to his friends as “Mo”, is a senior member of our security team. He has provided security and surveillance for our events for many years. Maurice is a trusted individual who is dependable and efficient. Many of our events are set up one day, and then run the next. Because of this, we often need overnight surveillance and Maurice is the person we look to to provide the resources and the protection we and our vendors need.


imageWill Whelan, Security

Will Whelan, currently provides security in the private sector as well as a grass roots effort him and a colleague initiated to protect and alert local community members. He also is a long-time security volunteer for the large scale events in the non-profit sector. Will brings his trained eye and pro-active, solution-oriented thought processes and skill-set to the table for Event Mode.


♫ We got each other's back and everybody knows it ♫